Entrepreneur Assistance Clinic

How We Can Help
The Entrepreneur Assistance Clinic offers free legal services to startup companies and entrepreneurs across the Commonwealth. Our mission is to be a full-service legal team to assist young businesses from organization and formation to early-stage investment rounds and other contractual work as needed. We aim to assist clients who otherwise would not have access to legal counsel. We are not a service to cut legal fees; if you can afford to retain outside counsel, you should. Our goal is to assist clients who do not have access to legal counsel.
  • Choice of entity
  • Business formation
  • Organizational agreements
  • Operational agreements
  • Business acquisitions
  • Business certification preparation (e.g., woman-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned business)

Our Team

All work is performed by Penn State Law students under the supervision of three licensed attorneys. There are roughly 20 student interns each semester throughout the school year, and roughly 10 student interns are hired to work over the summer. Thus, the Clinic remains open full-time year-round with a brief hiatus at the close of each semester while students are in exams.

Services include choice-of-entity and formation assistance as well as contract drafting and review. Contracts tend to fall into one of two categories: organizational and operational contracts.


Organizational contract assistance includes State filings required to formally start a business and any ancillary agreements, such as operating agreements, corporate bylaws, agreements between founders, and issuance of equity.


Operational contracts are documents necessary to keep a business operating; examples include employment and independent contractor agreements, service agreements, manufacturing and distribution agreements, commercial leases, etc.


The Clinic will not be involved in dispute resolution, whether through litigation or otherwise, nor any tax, immigration, insurance, intellectual property, or other regulatory matters. For example, the Clinic cannot advise on any zoning, permitting, or licensing matters related to your new business, nor with respect to any laws or regulations that specifically apply to any activities in which you will engage.

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